Sternberg authors petition to the United Nations

Genesis’ Founder and Executive Director, Wendy Sternberg authored the petition to the United Nations and the United Nations’ Committee for the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals to circulate around the world for signature support.

The petition was signed by 298 supporters.

We go beyond mere invitation to implore you to include art and culture as an integral component of the United Nations’ 2015 Sustainable Development Goals. In so doing, the United Nations will literally and metaphorically mount a global loud speaker, permanently affixed to its vast multi-lateral stage to create a resounding call to action that further supports, empowers, and deservedly honors the role arts and culture play in binding together our human family, mortally wounded and deeply fractured by conflict and war

Wendy Sternberg, MD
Founder & Executive/Artistic Director, Genesis at the Crossroads