Harold Ramis Legacy Fund

Trusted Mentor, Advisor, Sounding Board, Advocate, Donor, Humorist… not to mention Friend. You are sorely missed!

Board Member of GATC from 2003 until the worsening of his untimely illness in 2011

November 21, 1944 – February 24, 2014

Harold’s Legacy

  • In 2003, pledged to further Genesis at the Crossroads’ work when he first experienced our Genesis arts-education program at North Shore Country Day School, his children’s school.
  • Committed to being the Narrator of our future documentary film.
  • In 2004, introduced Genesis to Stacy Keach, who after almost a decade, continues to serve on the Genesis Board.
  • Catalytic Muse for our 2004 first outdoor festival
  • Emcee of our first outdoor festival in 2004, From the Middle East to the Midwest, in the historic Block 37
  • Edited our children’s peace quilt documentary (this was Genesis’ second arts-based humanitarian program)
  • Generous supporter of our work

The Harold Ramis Memorial Fund

In his memory, to preserve his legacy, we are creating a wing of our future Academy curriculum to focus on comedy and conflict resolution

  • Film series for our Academy students and the general public
  • Curriculum for Academy students
  • E-learning opportunities to share this work
  • Artist-in-residency programs for filmmakers and comedians interested in the field of comedy and conflict resolution
  • Capacity-building scholarship support to seed new film and comedy works in conflict resolution and peacebuilding
    • Showcase humor in the midst of struggle and human triumph
    • Bring light and laughter to some dark places
    • Encourage cross-cultural collaboration in film and comedy

Stacy Keach

American Actor & Author

Harold believed, as I do, that different cultures, with opposing points of view, can be brought together in mutual respect and harmony through the shared experience of art, music, dance, theatre, and culinary delights.

Wendy Sternberg, MD

Genesis at the Crossroads

On a cold day in January 2004, Genesis Co-President, Rob Khoury and I were delighted to share breakfast at the Lucky Platter with Hollywood Producer, Harold Ramis.

We had toyed with the idea of taking the Genesis Project outdoors in past years for our 5th year anniversary celebration.

All of a sudden, Harold lifted his nose in the air, and eager with enthusiasm, cried, “Try this one on!…” as he mocked the smell of lamb grilling and couscous steaming with a visual of a camel on State Street, music emanating from the tents of Block 37.

…And so was born (another Genesis…)

Wendy Sternberg in an Excerpt from the Notes from the Founder of our 2004 Festival, From the Middle East to the Midwest

If metaphorically speaking, just like here, we could all gather under one tent…

Harold Ramis, Emcee
Genesis’ From the Middle East to the Midwest, 2004

Support Harold’s legacy

The Harold Ramis Memorial Fund will engage and inspire young people in their formative years to tap into their creative self-expression and find humor for intractable issues that plague our time.