How Your Donation Makes a Difference

$10,000Become a Seed Donor of the Genesis Peace Hub in Chicago
$5,000Support Sounds of Healing World Tour
$2,500Scholarship a Genesis Academy Summer Institute Student or Sponsor a Saffron Caravan Artist in the Sounds of Healing Tour
$1,000Purchase a flight for a Genesis Academy Summer Institute Student or Saffron Caravan Artist
$500Bring Sounds of Healing to a Chicago Public School 
$250Support the Sounds of Healing Lyrics Competition & Songbook
$100Be a Genesis Fan

Other ways to contribute


Purchase tickets for Genesis events such as the Women’s Leadership Salon and Sounds of Healing.

Arm Them with Instruments

Donate an instrument to Arm them with Instruments and for as little as $25 you can support this program and get a free CD.

Academy Global Leadership Circle

We are looking for 50,000 people from around the globe to donate $1,000 USD each to help us both build and endow the Genesis Academy for Global Leadership, such that it will by definition be “of the people, by the people for the people…” of the world. All donor names will be listed on our website.

Amazon Smile

Make GATC your Amazon Smile charity and a portion of every eligible purchase you make on Amazon will be automatically donated to GATC.

Academy Path to Peace Brick Purchase

For the Genesis Academy’s outdoor grounds. Honor loved ones or share your company.

For other sponsorship inquiries, please contact us.