Youth Board of Directors

All Graduates of Genesis Academy Summer Institutes (SI)

Safiyah Simpkins

  • 2019 Genesis Academy Summer Institute Graduate

Graduated Ogden International 2020 in International Baccalaureate Program

DePaul University Class of 2024 – Philosophy and Political Science

Rising DePaul Genesis Chapter Officer

Member of Mayor Lightfoot’s Youth Task Force

Longstanding volunteer and Member, Inner-city Muslim Action Network (IMAN)

Fnu Eisha

  • 2019 Genesis Academy Summer Institute Graduate
  • 2020 Genesis Woman’s Leadership Salon (Education Panelist)
  • Minerva University Class of 2024

Eisha currently attends Minerva Schools at KGI, a highly selective university based in San Francisco.  She aspires to create social impact through the intersection of technology, education, and entrepreneurship. While at Minerva, she will experience her undergraduate four years of education in six different countries around the world, namely the US, UK, Korea, Germany, Argentina, and Taiwan. She currently works for the Admissions Office at Minerva where she assesses applicants for their written, creative and analytical skills. She is also a Research and Content Development Intern for RoboTerra, a Silicon Valley-based artificial intelligence and robotics education company.

Eisha loves writing and has had her works published by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, Teen Times Magazine, and The Tide. She maintains a personal blog called The Progress Element with which she mentors high school students by sharing both global opportunities and career advice. Sheis a proud graduate of the 2019 Genesis Academy Summer Institute, wherein she explored and deepened her passion for journalism and peacebuilding. In 2016, as a high school student at Roots Millennium Future World School based in Lahore, Pakistan, Eisha founded Sync City, an international youth-based organization focused on solving issues through social action projects and online campaigns. In 2018, she was selected to represent her school in a meeting with the then Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.  She is also an alumna of the prestigious US State Department-sponsored Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program. She was recognized by the US Department of State for the successful completion of 100+ community service hours in Washington, DC during her student-exchange year. Eisha was selected to be a Shea Moisture Community Commerce Scholar at Babson College and was the youngest participant of Kectil, the Developing Countries Youth Leadership Program.  She subsequently served as a Kectil program mentor for 623 students worldwide.

Eisha is motivated to use her diverse global experiences to guide her in creating a future wherein youth are best prepared through quality education for technological advancements in this rapidly evolving fourth industrial revolution.

Ariba Qureshi

  • 2019 Genesis Academy Summer Institute Graduate
  • 2020 Graduate Roots Millennium College

Volunteer, Akhuwat – NGO working with marginalized LGBTQ communities

Roheena Madni

  • 2015 SI Graduate; 2017 Jr Staff
  • 2019 Graduate, Institute of Business Administration, Karachi with a BA in Social Sciences
  • CSR Director for Consumer Packaged Goods Co., Karachi
  • Starting Master’s in Psychology program in 2021

Roheena recently graduated from the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi with an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences and Liberal Arts. While pursuing her major in psychology, she took on the role of research assistant in the Department of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts. During her tenure there, she worked on two research projects, one of which revolves around behavioral psychology that navigates the veiling practice among Pakistani Muslims; her work is soon to be published.

From community welfare activities to environmental sustainability projects, Roheena has spent a considerable time giving back to society. In 2018, she represented Pakistan in a global competition wherein her team presented a product idea based on the notion of sanitation without water. The proposed product was a diffusible ball that could be used in toilets as a substitute for water, thereby saving billions of liters of water annually. The product idea turned out to be a potentially promising solution to global water shortage issues and placed in the top three ideas presented worldwide.  

She is currently employed at a leading consumer packaged goods company as the Group HR Excellence and Innovation Lead, where she works on corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects, employee engagement, corporate communication, and public relations. She is also a strong advocate for nurturing emotional and mental well-being in the workplace.  She plans to attend graduate school for her Master’s Degree in Psychology in the near future.  

Roheena seeks inspiration from the smallest of things and aspires to inspire the biggest of changes. In addition to being an alumna of the flagship 2015 Genesis Academy Summer Institute, she was also selected as the Junior Staff Member for the 2017 Genesis Academy Summer Institute where she contributed towards participants’ personal growth along with their leadership development. She embraces Genesis’ mission and passionately looks forward to dedicating her efforts to the Genesis Academy and Peace Hub in the near future.