Arm Them with Instruments

Gently-used instruments are donated to others in conflict areas or challenged circumstances locally and globally.

GATC teaching artists & local partnership organizations give subsidized music lessons to beneficiaries passions among disadvantaged youth are channeled into creative rather than potentially destructive activities.

Although we often think of disease and polluted water supplies as the greatest of plagues in the developing world, we believe one of the most troubling pandemics of the 21st century is the indoctrination of hatred and the violence that stems from it. Our Arm Them With Instruments program acts to combat that in a positive, creative, educational and nurturing manner.


I have been a “foreigner” and have experienced not knowing the target language. Music has always been my “center” – the place within me and my link to the unknown. When teaching French, Spanish, and ESL at all levels, music always inspires confidence, breathing, and a sense of community. It’s the “tool” or “path” to learning and to inspiring peace. (The old/broken maraca can be glued, I think. It belonged to my maternal grandpa from Lithuania). I pray that all people will sing and live together in peace…

Dr. Susan Boldrey