Our Mission

Genesis at the Crossroads builds peaceful communities at the intersection of social justice, education and the arts to foster healing

Our Vision

A world where cross-cultural artistic expression and collaboration serve as a catalyst for interethnic dialogue and innovation, global understanding, healing and world peace. Education and humanitarian-centric business initiatives sustain and further those bridges while nurturing global leadership. Together, we foster a just world for all, honoring our collective humanity.

We are a Chicago-based 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

Our Values

We believe that everyone has a voice in world peace, and that in order for true peace to be achieved, every voice needs a safe place for expression and communal comprehension.

We believe that the arts transcend cultural differences and barriers to understanding.

We believe that the arts offer immediate and enduring access to our shared humanity, providing opportunities to heal deep divides.

We believe that effective arts-integrated education can equip young people with communication, critical thinking, and conflict resolution skills.

We believe that creative self-expression is vital to the intellectual and emotional growth of all people.

We believe in both the creation of opportunities and infrastructures for the development of new work, and the presentation and preservation of existing artistic product.

We believe that active participation in philanthropy is not only essential to being a well-rounded citizen locally, but also critical to positive forward momentum in the peace process globally.

We believe in the cultivation of equitable social impact business development to ensure sustainable local and global community transformation. (With the community, by the community for the community.)

This is who we are
This is what we promise to deliver

Arts-Diplomacy based on Partnership and Exchange

To bring together multi-cultural artists to share their talents and collaborate across divides, including deepened religious and socio-political lines to create, perform, and bring to fruition new music, dance, performance art, interdisciplinary/multi-media presentations and installations, literary, film and visual works of art.

To create programs promoting bilateral cross-cultural exchange.

To mastermind engaging events that unite diverse multi-cultural audience members and students as they discover their artistic self-expression and celebrate their varied cultures.

To jointly discuss and process a complex set of emotions involved in observing and working with adversarial cultures in creative exchange.

To explore the transformational power of art that allows an opposing culture’s stirring performance/artistic work to profoundly move the human spirit, and thereby compel individuals to shift their thinking to an altered paradigm that favors and fosters collaboration.

To exemplify a model for cross-cultural collaboration through artistic expression that bridges emotional and perceptual divides and enhances communication as well as joint problem solving.

Education & Leadership

To nurture and develop new world leaders in conflict resolution who are resourceful, resilient and creative.

To capacity build social impact business leaders through educational and vocational training.

To create educational products including written and online peace curricula, books, CDs, literary works and documentary film through the Genesis Peace Hub and our ecosystem of collaborating partners.

To further enrich and empower other schools and college campuses worldwide with GATC arts-integrated educational programs all teaching peace. (Such interactive programs will incorporate social/emotional learning skills.)

To create new metrics for leadership and creativity.

To discover and cultivate artistic brilliance whenever and wherever possible.

Artistic Preservation

To record and safeguard art for posterity’s sake.

To showcase rich and diverse cultures and their heritage.

To share these legacies through CD compilations, broadcasts, documentary film and other evolving digital media via the internet and its wide array of global social networks.

Humanitarian Aid/Efforts and Healing

To make a profound difference for the marginalized and others less fortunate by enriching their lives, capacity building their innate capabilities and talents both artistic/creative and intellectual.

To give people agency and tools to become the solution for their own problems through social impact initiatives.

To give youth the opportunity to learn and express philanthropy to other disenfranchised youth in challenged circumstances. To make this available within and between generations as well.

Bidirectional engagement to link Americans of all ages to those all over the world and vice versa. This includes people-to-people programs specifically designed and targeted for youth of all ages.

Global Impact/Global Tools

To create compelling and inspirational artistic work, educational models and humanitarian business initiatives that are far-reaching, stretching to remote corners of the world.

To see, imagine and utilize technology as both a creative space and an act for social good and the betterment of the entire human family.

To leverage the ever-growing array of multi-media tools in service of education, engagement, human rights, social justice and global impact.

To fully embrace the virtual landscape and digital space as a means not only for bringing us all closer together, but also for disseminating information throughout the entire world.

To be the inspiration and the source for even more creative, transformational and adaptive technologies as our world continues to change, evolve and become ever more interconnected and interdependent.

To be the bold stand that all said technologies and those that disseminate and utilize them must embrace integrity for and an unwavering commitment to proper usage, monitoring and accountability on a local, national and global scale.