Genesis Peace Hub

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The Genesis Peace Hub institutionalizes our cross-cultural collaborative model and consolidates all of Genesis’ work under one roof.

The Genesis Peace Hub Reimagined

In the face of COVID’s staggering impact and our work helping to evacuate people from Afghanistan*, what has emerged is the need for a re-imagined Genesis Peace Hub writ large. Our current strategic plan will engage multiple continents in fulfilling our expanded vision. We are excited to maximize worldwide technologies to see this to fruition.

* This included our 2016 Genesis Academy Summer Institute graduate and others.

Vibrant Arts and Cross-cultural Programming

Music and Peacebuilding Program to continue Genesis’ 20-year history of creative program delivery, some of which addresses conflict, trauma and healing

Honors and revitalizes Chicago’s artistic legacy: Film, Visual Arts, and Theater connect to the Chicago arts scene

Programs provide comedy & conflict resolution

Interdisciplinary gallery exhibitions in memory of Harold Ramis (Genesis’ Board Member of 8 years)

Education & Leadership Training

Experiential learning opportunities in building peace locally and globally

Art-infused education to teach leadership, critical thinking, and humanism

Innovative STEAMeducation and Vocational Education

Business Development skills (see Social Entrepreneurship Center)

The Genesis Academy Summer Institutes: leadership training and peace-building education program to capacity build pre-university youth (ages 15-19) from areas of conflict

The Love the Questions Salon Series, including the Women’s Leadership Salon

Social Entrepreneurship Center

An Economic Engine for Social Good

Incubates, catalyzes and accelerates social justice businesses (by the community, for the good of the community)

Financial and business development education

Mentoring opportunities for emerging and seasoned business leaders

Sports and Social Change Program

Large-scale sports offerings (except American football)

Addresses leadership and team building via sports

Impacting Chicago’s underserved communities

Research Incubator

To study creativity and leadership and create new metrics & assessment relevant to our challenged and complex world

Gather data and inform and shapepolicy level changes in peacebuilding education combined with social justice/community transformation. (includes health and environmental policy.)

University partners play their strengths:

  • Loyola University’s Environmental Sustainability Institute
  • DePaul University College of Law
  • Indiana University Lilly School of Philanthropy,
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Stanford Medical School’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education
  • Brown University’s Mindfulness Center
  • Harvard University’s Cultural Agents Initiative
  • Discussions underway with University of Chicago

Teacher training with DePaul University

Farm & Teaching Garden

To teach/remedy food justice & address public health, access issues and nutrition

To pioneer agricultural innovations and source the Peace Hub

Hoop House to be a shared resource with a number of community partners

Why do we need a Peace Hub?

Health & Wellbeing

Community-wide health and well-being allow all members of urban settings to thrive and contribute their full intellectual and creative potential to better society.

Shaping Communities

Participatory youth engagement, education and leadership development all play critical roles in shaping Chicago and other global communities.


Physical place-making hubs can serve as conveners, catalysts and incubators. Programs and places expressly designed for cross-cultural collaboration make innovations benefitting everyone all the more likely.

Promoting Peace

Building peaceful communities is not only critical to, but also inextricably bound to the overall wellness of all Chicagoans. Escalating violence is a public ill fracturing our Chicagoland communities.

Diversity & Inclusion

When diversity and inclusion are shared core values, the plurality of voices and viewpoints makes for stronger connectivity and collaborative solution-making to Chicago’s (and the world’s) pressing challenges, from healthcare to climate change.


Chicago needs a hub for peace building that brings together the business community with thought-leaders, educators, students, artists, activists, policy makers and other institutions.





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Donations to Genesis at the Crossroads make The Peace Hub’s vision possible. Catalyze the momentum and build the legacy.