Human Interest Documentary: Saffron Caravan & Genesis at the Crossroads

At its core, the film explores art and education as a vehicle for provoking individual dialogue which fundamentally transforms cross-cultural interchange.  In chronicling the artistic and educational work of Saffron Caravan throughout Israel, the film explores instrumenting change through community outreach, classes, performances etc.  It addresses the notion of taking a concept of “arts-diplomacy” and a set of ideals (that music is a universal language, that neuro-linguistically, cognitively and therefore behaviorally, music alters our being) and showcasing that in a tangible, accessible media format for audiences to appreciate and incorporate in their own lives, irrespective of profession.

Ultimately, it looks at the Arts as a way of provoking and reaching the human spirit as people grapple with being stirred by other cultures’ artistic genius, even if it is one with which they are politically or religiously at odds. It not only records the reaction of the artist to the context in which they perform, but also showcases responses to confrontational issues of personal and cultural identity.

Without ignoring dissention in a divided world, the film addresses the basic human need to strive for connection and the impact of discovering common ground. Although many of the performance pieces showcase different cultures through their diverse musical forms, a component of the film records and examines creating new art as a statement about collaboration. (A number of the finale pieces and others dispersed throughout the documentary are recordings of original music, written and performed through cross-cultural collaboration.)

Fundamentally it is about community transformation through the presence of a positive, unifying force.


Adi Frost, Director

Hani Kilchevsky, Film Producer (Miss Production Company)

Eliezer Tzoran, Chief Camera Man

Ronen Berger, Chief Sound Man

Editing Collaboration

Henrietta Norton

Yasmin Fedda

Karetemquin Films (Genesis Academy Community Partner) may also be involved here