SC Unfolding CD

Howard Levy, Kiu Haghighi and Jean Christophe Leroy (2009)

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Joy of Genesis, Iraqi-Israeli, Yair Dalal (2005)

Daasa Iraqi-Israeli, Avi Agababa (2005)

Samai Nahawand, Kareem Roustom (2005)

Barchu, Howard Levy (2007)

Lecha Dodi, Alberto Mizrahi (2007)

GATC rendition Sweet Home Chicago (Arabic/Hebrew, 2007)

Soundwaves Travel, Youness and El Alaoui (2007)


Children’s songs:

Come Sing with Us; Passion for Fashion; HAMSA. 2008 – 2011

Percussion Rhapsody, Haghighi, Leroy and Levy (2009)

Dor v’Dor – Howard Levy (2011)

Shalom Aleichem/Salaam Aleykum and Alhamdulillah, Alberto Mizrahi (2011)

A Song of Peace – Anat Morahg, with the Bat Kol Choir (2011)


Musical Theater:

Alone in the Belly of the Whale– (Chicago Public School, Sullivan High 2003-4)


Visual Art: 

Lehrer’s digital image, Genesis at the Crossroads and Saffron Caravan CD cover (2009)

HAMSA Bench for Chicago outdoor exhibit (2003)

Back to Source – by Staci Page Oien commissioned oil for exposition: Desire for Sacred Connections  (2002)



Two Tales of a City, Gail Satler

Sonny Terry Blues Riffs, Ben Hewlett

Finding Your Chicago Irish, Shea Bossard

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