Genesis Original Works

Two decades of innovation

Sounds of Healing Virtual Performance (2020)

Saffron Cavavan at the U.S. Embassy Jerusalem (2011)

Interdisciplinary Work

Journeys (2018)

A Saffron Caravan collaboration with refugee youth dancers in 2018 with SC musicians; retooled in 2019

“O Barco Daqui de Dentro” by Badi Assad

Choreography by LB Kahn with dancers Miriam Cing (Myanmar) and Patrick Reponse (DR Congo)

Tapestry of Story & Sound (2006)

Chi Children’s Humanities Festival Commission

Storytelling paired with ethnic music (stringed instruments from Ireland, Senegal & Iran) for cultural understanding

Peace it Together (2006)

14 performance series for children/adults with classes celebrating cultural diversity while promoting world peace

Featured Yemenite drumming/dance, Iranian storytelling, Israeli dance, performance by African-Am. legend Ella Jenkins

Multi-disciplinary performances Jewish-Moslem-Hindu


Sounds of Healing (2020)

New Saffron Caravan repertoire

Music with Rios’ poem, “A House Called Tomorrow”

“Song for Peace” and a Saffron Caravan version of “Sweet Home Chicago”

With collaborative work engaging the Summer Institute grads, four original compositions: “Mother”, “Es Tiempo de Senar”, “Millions of Hearts”, and “The House of Healing”

Universal Love (2018)

Album by Saffron Caravan

Sevdah, A Universal History of Love & Loss (2015)

By Nigel Osborne for our 2015-2017 Saffron Caravan tour to Bosnia and across the United States

Unfolding (2009)

Album by Saffron Caravan

Children’s Songs

The Genesis Academy Summer Institutes (2015-2019)

“In Life We Need Peace”

“I Will Not Dance to Your War Drum”

“To Unite Us All”

“Heart to Heart”

“We Are One”

“If You Really Care”

HAMSA (2008-2011)

“Percussion Rhapsody”

Haghighi, Leroy and Levy

“Dor v’Dor”

Howard Levy

“Shalom Aleichem/Salaam Aleykum” and “Alhamdulillah”

Alberto Mizrahi

A Song of Peace” (Anat Morahg)

Israel’s Bat Sheva Children’s Choir & Saffron Caravan

Jerusalem, 2011

Additional Genesis Children’s Songs

“Come Sing with Us”

“Passion for Fashion”

Musical Theater/Performance Art

Summer Institute Community Showcase with David Glass (2016)

“Art of Peace”

“Choice & Consequence”


Alone in the Belly of the Whale (2003)

Sullivan High School, a Chicago public school

Visual Art

Digital Image by Leonard Lehrer (2009)

Digital image for Saffron Caravan

Back to Source by Staci P. Oien (2002)

Commissioned oil in “Desire for Sacred Connections”


For City of Chicago outdoor exhibition

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