Social Entrepreneurship Center

An Economic Engine for Social Good

Core values of respecting diversity while working to improve community health and well-being, all the while furthering education, leadership development and social justice.

Our Model

Incubates, catalyzes and accelerates social impact businesses

Array of social justice businesses spun off the Peace Hub will be designed as for-profit entities managed by the community for the good of the community

Circular economy for sustainability – 20% of revenue comes back to the Peace Hub

Educational and Leadership Opportunities

Working together affords the Chicagoland and global business communities along with Genesis the opportunity to be a mutually beneficial/reinforcing catalyst and accelerator for Chicago’s community health, connectivity and collaboration

By championing leadership at the intersection of social entrepreneurship, public health (and healthcare access,) food justice and environmental issues, we can create reproducible models and deliver bidirectional impact from Chicago to the world and vice versa

Together, we will have greater success in transformational education, capacity building the next-generation youth leaders in local and global peacebuilding and wellness

  • Financial and business development education
  • Mentoring opportunities for emerging and seasoned business leaders

Complementary Vision with the Chicagoland & Global Business Communities

The empowering economics of a Peace Hub will attract human capital and capital resources, generating jobs and vocational training on Chicago’s SW side

As a driver for Chicago’s (and the world’s) equitable economic transformation, it becomes a magnet for local, national and global attention

Genesis’ prior programs speak to the transformative power of this business model

Iraqi Plastics Art Gallery

Paintings created by a collective of Baghdadi artists sold at Genesis festival with return of proceeds to the artists and their families

Genesis Peace Quilt Program

The Genesis Peace Quilt program moves into a phase of training refugee women and girls in the art of quilt making; Genesis peace quilt designs sold in high end markets; refugee women gain viable skills to function as independent quilt artists in multibillion-dollar markets.