Music Connects Us All

This now-permanent installation at the MD Metals Warehouse served as a stunning backdrop for our Saffron Caravan concert in 2010. The Merit School of Music conservatory students performed a Soldier’s Tale as the warm up to Saffron Caravan.

Orr Academy students were given the Genesis theme: Music Connects Us All. Under Ms. Walker’s direction and their collective leadership, a permanent mural was created in the MD Metals warehouse.

The symbols we chose for the mural are hope, peace, strength, faithfulness, forgiveness, wisdom, and knowledge. We send these messages to the beneficiaries of the Arm Them with Instruments program. We dedicate our work to people who are having a hard time in this world… and we hope they find joy and are empowered through art and music.

Artist Statement for the Warehouse Mural

Mural Leaders & Supporters

We welcome them into the Genesis family of artists and look to be continually inspired by their creativity and leadership for years to come!

Project Leaders

Taiwan Davis, Elliott Dobbins, Leonard Gamble, Shadowmar Hunter, Kari Owens, Anthony Street, Moesha Taylor, and Rayon Walton.

We acknowledge the efforts of assistants: Rebecca Mulhim (AUSL Resident,) Megan Walendzinski (AUSL,) Rachel Shine (VIsta Volunteer and Service Learning Coordinator,) and Mark Shafer (AUSL.)

Orr Academy Summer of Service and Leadership Program

Orr Academy Summer of Service and Leadership Program is a Chicago Public High School summer program for rising freshmen (8th graders) who are interested in an enrichment program that builds leadership skills while addressing community needs. Service Learning is a rigorous teaching methodology and philosophy that seeks to develop youth voice, meaningful service, diversity awareness, community partnerships, and reflective practices.

Jeanne S. Walker

Jeanne S. Walker is Fine Arts Team Leader and Service Learning Coach at Orr Academy High School. Her work with students both artistically and through Service Learning has often centered about the search for understanding while finding solutions to violence. She has worked with many community partners and the Orr staff to implement Restorative Justice practices as a student-centered solution to disciplinary issues. She received the Golden Apple Teacher of Distinction twice, the first time in 2010 and was the winner of both the Teacher Incentive Grant, (2004, 2006-10) and the 2007 DRIVE Award Winner. In 2008 she received the Chicago Fund for Teachers Fellowship to Rwanda and in 2008-09, the Inuit Fellowship. Ms Walker has been involved with Genesis since 2006 when her service-learning class participated in our humanitarian peace quilt program.

The Music Connects Us All mural was generously sponsored by Sherwin Williams of Bedford Park.