Our Academy’s Design Framework

A model for an educational paradigm shift predicated on experiential learning, social entrepreneurship, creative self-actualization, leadership, visionary initiative, innovation, independent and critical thought.



The Challenges: Why This? Why Now?

In this terrifying and fractured new world order, with the rise of blatant fascism and its ugly twin, toxic supremacy rhetoric, assaults on humanity run rampant as dictatorial, repressive regimes rise in astounding number.



The Market Demand/Opportunity

Genesis at the Crossroads* proposes that the most effective response to these challenges is to launch a Academy for Global Leadership for high school age students in San Diego, Chicago, and the world, to complement those cities commitment to being truly global ones.


Community Partnership

The richness of the living-learning environment will leverage the Chicagoland, San Diego-based, national and global resources surrounding our Academy to provide externships for our students and a pool of interns for our partnering cross-programming organizations.


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