Give Peace a Chance

No doubt, the proverbial path to peace is far slower in pace than the instantaneous, destructive road to war.

As we struggle with the verb “to celebrate” in these difficult times, I find myself using “to restore and renew” in its place. As we close this painful year. I also think about the role of light that is common to so many traditions – that we can choose to mindfully deploy:   

  • Light – to turn our faces to the sun… imbibe its warmth, and discover self-renewal there
  • Light – to illuminate the way
  • Light – as to enlighten with knowledge
  • Light – as to burn brighter instead of consumed by anger or hatred, (let alone by alone literal flames)
  • Light (as in our own) – to contribute to a greater whole 

May we take the remaining days and nights of 2023 to reflect on our own personal power, to reach across the widening abyss, to embrace others, and ultimately, to shed light in places that only know darkness.

Help Genesis at the Crossroads give the gift of peace this holiday season. We all benefit.