The Genesis Farm & Teaching Garden

Healthier Together

What if people learned the value of fresh produce, had affordable access to it and enjoyed well-being on a daily basis, and in so doing, lived fuller and longer lives averting an array of preventable diseases?

What if agricultural innovation taught valuable educational skills in math and science infused with creative entrepreneurship, including the vocational training of communities impacted by these issues?

We can compile this impact through working with the public health pillars in Chicago and beyond. With honed structures and big data, we can scale this model as a collaborative community for health and well-being.

The Genesis Teaching Farm and Garden aim to accomplish these purposes while sustainably sourcing the Peace Hub itself as well as the surrounding community. Growing locally together, including that in greenhouses for the colder months of the year, and resource sharing with other community stakeholders, we can reduce the carbon footprint from transporting produce from afar and improve the environment.

Partner Organizations

Loyola Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Uncommon Ground


The Hatchery

Chicago Park District

Gotham Greens
in discussion

Public Health Institute

University of Chicago Center for Global Medicine

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