JEAN-CHRISTOPHE LEROY – French Canadian (Percussion)

Jean-Christophe is an experienced and versatile percussionist/drummer who specializes in Cuban, West African, Brazilian and other afro-Caribbean styles of music. He also enjoys adapting these styles to compliment western musical settings as well as adapting the rhythms to the drumset. He has been a freelance performer and educator since 1992 and has worked in various parts of Canada, the U.S. and Ecuador. He has performed with artists having musical backgrounds including African, Cuban, jazz, funk, and show band. The venues include arts festivals, clubs, theatre productions and the recording studio. His extensive experience in music with dance includes performing, directing, and recording for several large productions. He has also provided live and recorded accompaniment for many African, Cuban, Modern, Tap, Jazz and funk dance classes. Firmly committed to arts-education, Jean has taught courses and given workshops at universities, public schools, music conservatories and music stores and teaches private and group lessons on a regular basis. He has studied-and continues to study- various styles of music from around the world with masters of their respective idioms, including Madou Kante, N’Goma N’Dao, Changuito, Anga Diaz, Bobby Sanabria, Clint Gillespie and Dr. Glenn Price. After years of dedication, Jean has enjoyed playing alongside some of his teachers such as Isreal “Toto” Beriel, Chuchito and Emilio Valdez, Ernie Adams, and others.


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