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The Musicians

Wendy Sternberg, MD – Founder

Past Performances:

Srebrenica, Bosnia – August 17-21, 2015

Original piece of music composed by Nigel Osborne

Jack Morton Auditorium, Washington, DC – November 8, 2015

Kendall College Chicago Nov. 10, 2015

San Diego – November 11, 2015

Opening Performance for The University of San Diego Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice’s Conference Art of Peace

 Israel with guest artist, Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul & Mary) 2011

Jr Saffron Caravan -Middle Eastern youth nucleus created, debuted Sept 2011

Chicago, August and October 2010, June 2012; Washington, DC (The Kennedy Center) – April 13, 2010; Chicago, December 7, 2008; HAMSA-Fest, Chicago, IL (USA) – August 26, 2007

The Rialto Theater, Casablanca, MOROCCO – December 18, 2007

The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC (USA) – August 27, 2007

CD Recording Saffron Caravan Universal Love- TBR 2019

Saffron Caravan Unfolding – Chicago, October 2009

 Saffron Caravan Legacy (in progress)

Future Performances

July 2020 Brazil, Others TBA

Saffron Caravan

The Essence of Arts Diplomacy™

Saffron Caravan, The Genesis World Music Ensemble unites stellar musicians from Iran, Afghanistan, Brazil, Cuba, Morocco, Israel, India, Venezuela and the United States to create new art and to perform together under the aegis of Genesis at the Crossroads. They demonstrate that the arts can be used to build sustainable bridges between cultures, made stronger through educational initiatives.

Their repertoire, spanning seven languages and multiple keys, explores both the sacred and mystical traditions in Arab, Jewish, Ladino and Persian music. Infused with sub-Saharan roots of blues and jazz, spiced with Afro-Caribbean, South-American and Southeast Asian rhythms, their evocative melodies transport international audiences. Their performances feature foreign integrated artists. Half of the musicians are Grammy-Awardees and/or Nominees.

Genesis at the Crossroads sustains the impact of Saffron Caravan’s performances through arts-education master classes, speaking engagements, community partnerships, cross-cultural exchanges and humanitarian work.

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About Saffron Caravan

2011 International Freedom to Create Prize Nominees

“For members of the audience, what may have sounded strange and impossible mere hours before was happening before their eyes – a mix of old and new, East and West, musicians whose countries are at odds playing together and making beautiful music. It seemed like the most natural sound in the world.” — Rebecca Baskin, The Jerusalem Post

“Sublime!” — Aaron Cohen, The Chicago Tribune

“…a flawless blend of musical styles from around the globe.” — Tim Receveur, US Department of State, USINFO and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC

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