One Peace at a Time (continued)

To Parents, Teachers and Counselors:

Genesis at the Crossroads has created a letter-writing campaign for American children to send cards to children living through conflict and/or challenged circumstances. Designated sites include schools in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Israel and Palestine, Bosnia, Cambodia, and many others around the world.

From this humanitarian peace quilt program, we made a series of commemorative cards to be used in this letter-writing initiative. These include 12 representative children’s designs from diverse Chicagoland communities conveying different visual and written messages for peace.

The purpose of this program is to engage children, parents and teachers in a constructive conversation about conflict and how children can individually show their compassion and support to other children through cross-cultural communication. The indoctrination of hatred and the violence that stems from it remains one of the most alarming pandemics of the 21st century, especially affecting youth. As with our prior programs, this Genesis program also aims to combat these destructive forces in a positive, creative, educational and nurturing manner with children serving the role as ambassadors for peace.

Genesis provides the cards, the first names of children in a designated part of the world and one hour of training to your children’s school faculty or camp staff to augment learning. This can be well suited to a history, creative writing or art class and/or a values-based leadership program within a curriculum unit. It can also be used as a program on a half day before a holiday. Genesis will also coordinate the shipping to your designated schools and communities around the world.

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