In light of the Afghan crisis, all donations are now going to the Genesis Empowerment Fund

The Taliban is actively targeting others like Azar, our Afghan Genesis Academy Summer Institute graduate for being an outspoken human rights advocate, especially for women and girls.

We have mobilized an international team in 15 countries including those on the ground in Kabul and Herat to get as many out safely.

Genesis succeeded in this case by sponsoring Azar with a paid internship as we work tirelessly with those committed to human rights and world peace.

We are working with Senator Durbin’s office, the US Department of State, Counterterrorism offices, Ambassadors, the US Air Force, and private and commercial airline carriers.

Kindly contribute and request individuals and businesses in your network to match your efforts.


  • Evacuations
  • Resettlement
  • Healing & Health Programs to Address Trauma
  • Education
  • Job Placement & Paid Internships

Donations can be made through PayPal or credit card. Any and every amount makes a difference to save lives.

For other sponsorship inquiries, please contact GATC.


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