Our Academy’s Design Framework

A model for an educational paradigm shift predicated on experiential learning, social entrepreneurship, creative self-actualization, leadership, visionary initiative, innovation, independent and critical thought.

The Genesis Academy for Global Leadership will form the epicenter of a vibrant campus of arts, education, social justice and social policy institutions with
bi-directional spokes to an array of hand-picked global organizations.

A veritable “Silicon Valley” model for societal transformation.

• A core academically-rigorous high school curriculum with project-based experiential learning modules and inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary structure featuring an embedded arts curriculum.
• A 360 degree living-learning community.
• Student body in thirds: inner-city, at-risk Chicagoans and San Diegans; other Americans; international cohort.
• The product: creative, young adult thought leaders who are bilingual proponents of pluralism; they see their surroundings as an insatiable resource and partner to guide them and help them solve, transform, and negotiate conflict and life challenges, willingly poised to give back to the world.

Why Chicago?…Why San Diego?

A 12-month campus – the academic year in Chicago and the winter quarter in San Diego.

A Chicagoland location was chosen for Chicago’s artistic and intellectual vibrancy and its rightful place in architecture’s world history. Its openness to new ideas (from the 1871 center for innovation to the Steppenwolf Theater Company) is reflected fully in a multi-ethnic city that cares deeply about both personal and cultural identity and their global context. The proximity of the Pearson Center for Conflict Resolution allows for opportunities for deeper examination of the economics of conflict along with analysis of big data. An organic teaching farm, piloting agricultural innovations will source both the Academy and surrounding communities, while actively engaging students in addressing food justice issues.

A San Diego location allows for a peaceful context within a vibrant multi-cultural international city that is not only a hub for global music and theater as well as the visual and culinary arts, but also a corridor for military/peace-keeping operations, social entrepreneurship and cutting-edge biotechnology companies and incubators focused on environmental preservation and altering global warming. The natural surroundings of ocean and sunshine will nurture our future students as they immerse themselves in year-round renewable energy and sustainable, agricultural initiatives.


San Diego Winter Quarter opens 2024

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