Our Academy’s Design Framework

A model for an educational paradigm shift predicated on experiential learning, social entrepreneurship, creative self-actualization, leadership, visionary initiative, innovation, independent and critical thought.



The Challenges: Why This? Why Now?

Gripping gridlock in Washington, DC threatens America’s global leadership, already further challenged by stifled economic entrepreneurship, the growth in competitive competencies in international markets, and a profound lack of effective strategies for developing leaders to serve the next generation.



The Market Demand/Opportunity

Genesis at the Crossroads* proposes that the most effective response to these challenges is to launch a Academy for Global Leadership for high school age students in San Diego, Chicago, and the world, to complement those cities commitment to being truly global ones.


Field Study N Thailand 136

Community Partnership

The richness of the living-learning environment will leverage the San Diego-based, Chicagoland, national and global resources surrounding our Academy to provide externships for our students and a pool of interns for our partnering organizations. Cross-programming will benefit other institutions including an array of Chicago Public Schools and San Diego Unified (public schools).


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