Arm Them with Instruments

A Genesis at the Crossroads’ Humanitarian Program

American youth donate gently-used instruments to others in conflict areas or challenged circumstances

GATC local partnership organizations donate free music lessons to beneficiaries. (Teaching artists are subsidized)
Passions among disadvantaged youth channeled into creative rather than destructive activities.

In selected cities: The Casablanca Conservatory of Music (Morocco) The National Conservatory of Music (Amman, Jordan) Music School, The Tel Aviv, Israel Conservatory of Music and the Bedouin AHD School (Israel) and Refugee One (Chicago). The latter will have their music education through the Merit School of Music and Saffron Caravan musicians

Morocco Haj teaching

Sites in development:

  • Cambodia (In conjunction with Cambodian Living Arts)
  • African Leadership Academy, South Africa
  • Opera Circus, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Multiple musicians generously donate instrument repair skills and services.

    GATC will video-conference donor and beneficiary children multiple times to further the impact of this program.

    98.7 WFMT to publicize this humanitarian effort around the country

    Genesis pairs Rotary Clubs worldwide to create awareness and facilitate distribution.

    Inter-faith youth collect instruments for global community service projects

    Although we often think of disease and polluted water supplies as the greatest of plagues in the developing world, we believe one of the most troubling pandemics of the 21st century is the indoctrination of hatred and the violence that stems from it. Our Arm Them with Instruments Program acts to combat that in a positive, creative, educational and nurturing manner.

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